My Screencaps

It seems like it would sound nicer to say "Our Screencaps", but the fact is only one person runs this blog, and that's me, so "My" it is.

Well, below you will see my contribution to the World of Period Drama Screencaps.  I intend it to be an ever-growing list, and if there's something you don't see here (or on this page), you may suggest further screencapping adventures for me here.

I've just started out so there aren't as many here as I would like, but do continue to check back as I intend to add more. :)

Please note: You may use as many of these as you like for whatever purpose you choose (except, of course, to repost all of them as your own); I only ask that if you use more than about ten or fifteen in one post/article/etc., you credit them with a link to this website.

My Screencaps

(S1E1 can be found in "more screencaps")

Limited Collections
These are screencaps I took in the past for my own purposes and aren't complete collections, but they might help you out if you're looking for something from one of these movies.

Amazing Grace (2006)
Nicholas Nickleby (2002)
Our Mutual Friend (1998)
Wives and Daughters (1999)

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